Casa de Vino Tinto - BuildaMOC
Casa de Vino Tinto - BuildaMOC
Casa de Vino Tinto - BuildaMOC
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Casa de Vino Tinto


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A 3D sign of a wine shop from the YouTuber Robinhoodbricks ( inspired the creation of this MOC. The Casa de Vino Tinto is a dollhouse style building with somewhat of a Spanish inspired exterior that could be placed as a facade on narrow areas of a LEGO city or as part of a Harry Potter Diagon Alley extension. With the height of each floor on par with the scale of typical modular buildings and the latest 2020 Diagon Alley set, this building will fit quite nicely in a city.
The building consists of 1308 pieces and is divided mainly into 4 parts. the ground floor consists of the wine tasting/cafe where minifigs would be served with home made wine, cheese & crackers and other pastries. The second floor is the wine distillery and bottling area. The lime green building on the ground floor is a fresh produce market that sells vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, milk and cheese. The bright yellow upper level is connected to the wine distillery area and serves as the kitchen with the oven used for baking the pastries and storing wine.
The overall look is more typical of a small town area rather than a big city which makes it stand out from the usual looks of the modular building. On the other hand, unlike the Diagon Alley sets, the colors are vibrant and adds diversity to the look of any LEGO city it is placed in.

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