Why any adult can, and probably should, "play" with LEGO bricks

by Gerardo Guidera on August 31, 2020

LEGO is for everyone.

You may have seen the latest LEGO models that have been coming out, geared towards adults, and one of them caught your attention. After dabbling around with whether to buy it or not, a question may have come to your mind: is it appropriate for adults to play with LEGO?

There are many answers to this question, but all point to the same place. 

Short answer: absolutely!

First of all, LEGO has started to shift focus from mainly releasing toys for kids, to giving AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) a greater deal of attention. They have started to bring out new lines of products that cater more to adults, and that's why you may have been caught up in this question. Take for example, the LEGO Bugatti Chiron.

You can tell that this is not just any "toy" and that it's not made for kids. With a detailed W16 engine with moving pistons and a LEGO Technic 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle shifter and a working steering wheel as well as independent wheel suspension, this is a joy for any car fan to build. You do not need to be a LEGO fan either, it doesn't matter if you have previously touched a LEGO brick or not, it's not hard. LEGO provides you with detailed instructions of every step and just about anyone can build it!

And just like this Bugatti Chiron is available for any vehicle and engineering enthusiast, there are similar products for all tastes, like the Manchester Stadium for soccer fans, the 4000+ piece Hogwarts Castle for Harry Potter fans or the great Modular Buildings line for anyone who likes beautiful buildings.

You will experience the joy of countless hours of building, part by part, seeing your constructions come alive. You will feel amazed by how insignificant parts can end up being a great work of art after placing many together.

David Beckham, the world renowned soccer player, loves to play with LEGO when he is able to take a break from his career! 

And, even if LEGO doesn't officially offer anything specific to your tastes, here at BuildaMOC, we offer custom creations that other fans of LEGO have designed and shared with the community. We only use original LEGO bricks and provide you with all of the bricks and instructions necessary for you to just enjoy the build!

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